Expert Team
Hope Life Chief scientist  Thomas C.Sudhof

Winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, member of the national academy of sciences and professor of molecular and cellular physiology at Stanford University. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American College of Medicine, and the American Academy of Sciences and Arts. He is a professor of molecular and cellular physiology at Stanford University. The International Academic Leader of Hope Life
Gursaran Prashad Twlwar
Director of the India National Institute of Immunization
His research direction is molecular genetics and biochemistry, and his research achievements have great influence in this field, including immunology and immune contraception.
Senior Advisor of Hope Life

Julius Rebek
Fellow of European Academy of Sciences, Fellow of American Academy of Sciences,
Fellow of Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science,
Director of the Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology
He is dedicated to the research of chemical warfare agent sensors and disinfectants, molecular self-assembly, protein surface imitation and other fields. He has published more than 500 academic articles in peer-reviewed academic journals and is a world-renowned chemist in this field.
Senior Advisor of Hope Life

Jiang Hongru   

Doctor of philosophy at Oklahoma State University,

A famous postdoctoral fellow in the Douglas Burrin Group at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. With its unique stem cells and precise gene modification as the core platform technology, the company has established an international leading position in the field of stem cells, precise gene modification, stem cells and gene therapy.

U.S.-China Partner of Hope Life   

Chen Yanru   

Doctor in biochemistry at Cornell University,

Postdoctoral fellow in genetics at Stanford University

She is the director of the transgenic research center, deputy director of the tumor center and senior researcher of Stanford University. She is a member of the International Stem Cell Research Association and International Transgenic Technology Association. Focus on research and production of innovative technology.

U.S.-China Partner of Hope Life  

Kong Lingjie   

PhD in biochemistry, North Carolina State University,

Postdoctoral fellow in cancer genetic at Duke University. He was an academic leader of Chinese Academy of Sciences, published articles in top international journals, and applied for many patents. Senior researcher with rich experience in biomedical research of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and orphan diseases.

American Laboratory Director of Hope Life

Chen Lin  

Postdoctoral fellow in hematologic oncology, department of biochemistry and cell biology, department of pharmaceutical oncology, Harvard Cancer Institute. Doctor of biophysics, Boston University School of Medicine. Specialized in primary and passage animal cell culture, construction of protein purification expression and secondary and tertiary structural analysis, cell contact cytoskeletal protein binding and regulation, immunofluorescence technique, blood cancer analysis.

Technology Consultant of Hope Life

Gao Linan       

Former director of health care department of Central Security Bureau, soldier of the 230th Hospital of Logistics Department of Shenyang Military Region, military doctor of the second department, attending physician, deputy director of the department, chief physician of health care department of Central Security Bureau. Due to his outstanding work, he won the third-class merit award twice, and won the special contribution award of the central health commission and the advanced individual award of the military commission health commission.

Expert Panel of Hope Life

Gao Linan       

PhD, graduate supervisor, chief physician of department of hematology,

director of the health care office of the Air Force General Hospital. He is a member of the Chinese Hematology Committee, the PLA Translational Medicine Committee, and the PLA Health Management Committee. He has been engaged in clinical and experimental research of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for many years.

Expert Panel