(i)Repair and Anti-aging: repair and regeneration, fight back against time   

   1. Ovary activation

   2. Pulmonary function repair

   3. Liver function repair

   4. Renal function repair

   5. Knee arthritis repair (meniscus injury, cartilage injury)

(ii)Immune Anti-       aging: internal control and external protection cast an excellent defensive line

(iii)Facial Anti-aging: energy blooming, bright and youthful beauty

   1. Biological Anti-aging Mask

   2. Rejuvenating and Repairing Set

(iv) Precise Physical Examination: multidimensional data scientific diagnostic health index

   1. High-end personalized and accurate medical examination package

   2. Deep examination of immune cells

(v) Personal Doctor: manage the whole process and care for the whole family

   1. General clinic

   2. Personal physician