Hope Life Biotechnology is a biomedical unicorn focused on the development of biomedical technology and product incubation. Hope Life Biotechnology with Stanford University, the United States Applied Stem Cell Company, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other global top scientific research institutions for long-term cooperation. Partnering with the winner of Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 2013, the American Academy of Sciences Thomas C. Südhof, member of the European Academy of Sciences, Julius Rebek, India's National Academy of Sciences Gursaran Prashad Talwar jointly established the most authoritative expert technical team in the world to conduct the research and development of core technologies for the industrialization of biological medicine, as well as the precise incubation and output of various innovative biological medicine products. At present, Hope Life Biotechnology has built a drug-grade ten thousand grade aseptic cell laboratory with an area of more than 3,000 square meters in Shenzhen bay Houhai headquarters base. It has passed the national ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has successfully built a unique situational ecological laboratory and a digital multimedia cell science experience hall in the world. Hope Life Biotechnology, has passed the National High-tech Enterprise, Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise, Academicians & Experts Workstation in national level and Guangdong province, Shenzhen Society for Cytotherapy Technology Representative Unit, World Cultural Forum (Taihu, China) Qihuang TCM Experiencing Center For Foreign Dignitaries Only Designated Cooperative Biotechnology Company. Leading the radical revolution of regenerative medicine and life anti-aging, provide the ultimate experience and effective one-stop solution for human life gestation, health care and anti-aging.
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